Verge's next target is paypal and venmo

Verge's next target is paypal and venmo

In recent days, some of the world-famous adult content providers have been able to step into a giant partnership, verge (Xvg) has now targeted Paypal and venmo, the notorious online payment service providers. The name of verge, known as the online advertising network, is also known as spotify.

There is no official explanation for the last partnership, but according to information from various news sites, verge may be able to comment on the fact that paypal is being persuaded. According to the same sources, Venmo and Paypal are thinking of adding many crypto money to the platforms, especially in the beginning.

In the report, the following statements include the following statements:

It's very important to be fast in the sector we're in. It is true that we are trying to establish partnership in many areas, but the payment platforms are at the top of the platform.

One of the former directors of the platform, which is currently consulting Paypal, has expressed these statements in addition to these statements:

Venmo will make a statement about it by the end of 2018 For Now, we can tell you that there are 5 to 10 crypto deposits. I can confirm that verge also has this list.

Spotify partnership with verge

As it turns out, verge is trying to make more noise in the crypto-money world. The team that works in this direction is organizing various campaigns.

A member of the core staff of the cees van dan verge team, known to be active on social media. Dan verge included following these statements in the tweet, which he shared to call on coin to be included in the spotify platform:

The verge family! Let's hand in hand to accept verge coin as a payment method on Spotify: click on this link, use your vote and make a comment. We can do it together!

As part of the link mentioned in the tweet, Dan calls on Spotify platform to accept verge as a payment method and provide detailed information about coin.