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One of the latest technology ASUS, to hop on the cryptocurrency mining bandwagon. The gamers will be able to use their idle graphic cards to mine cryptocurrency. Through this they can convert their earnings through PayPal or WeChat. Quantumcloud developed the software.

Geneva Based cybersecurity firm Wisekey, is finalizing the production of its debut blockchain android powered smartphone, Wisephone. This phone competes favorably with already established blockchain smartphones on the Market.

China’s Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) has released its latest crypto rankings. It consists of 33 crypto projects. Bitcoin moved up by six places to No. 13 in the latest rankings.

Vakt, a blockchain platform created to help oil majors and trading firms reduce inefficiencies in the market, went live on Wednesday.

XRP community is very eager to see if it will ruled as a security or not, and with SEC’s Chairman, Jay Clayton avoiding to comment the matter becomes tenser. XRP has undergone a rally and the 24-hour change of 4.25% and the price roseto $0.40.

Current price: $0.38

Market Cap: $15.42 billion

Trade Volume: $705.63 million

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