"The Future of Digital Money and Tourism" was spoken!

A panel on "The Future of Digital Money and Tourism" was organized by Anadolu University Faculty of Tourism.
Faculty of Tourism Instructor Assoc. Dr. Prof. Dr. Rıdvan Kozak, Anadolu University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of Accounting and Finance Assistant Professor Assoc. Dr. Fatih Temizel and Onur Gözüpek who has been training Crypto Money since 2014 took place as a speaker. In the panel where the crypto money is spoken, Assoc. Dr. About how the tourism sector is located in this business, Temizel gave information about how the crypto money was born, what needs to be born, why the market was suddenly accepted by the market after the birth, and what different sectors needed and motivated this. Also, Temizel said Bitcoin is included in the crypto money, "Bitcoin means crypto money or Blockhain is actually very underestimated. There are about 400 Bitcoin-like currencies. Bitcoin is, in fact, the most well-known commercial of this market. The main basis is Blockhain technology. "
Onur Gözüpek, who has been in the crypto sector since 2014 and has been teaching about this subject, has given information about what the crypto money is, the financial dimensions of it and the relationship between the tourism sector and the crypt money. Expressing that digital money has entered our lives with Bitcoin, Gözüpek said that it is electronic money in front of Bitcoin, but it does not take long. Bold, "Because there was no security element to provide this money for a long time. Bitcoin, the first crypto money in the sense that we know, removed it. He used block-chain technology. The most important aspect of taking ownership and non-centralized power from the users has emerged as a method of payment between peers. It provided the security infrastructure for cryptographic money that could be used worldwide. "
As well as being the countries that started accepting payments in the world of tourism, many large firms have begun to use blockchain technology by taking out their own virtual money
Panel arrangement on the digital money sector at universities is a useful work. It is important to get support from within the academic life.
In our country, it is very nice to see panellas in such subjects for the future in the universities and to hear them as news. It is very important to emphasize the security issue provided by Blockchain technology. We often read that airlines and travel applications are dominant among companies that will pay for crypto money and use blockcahain technology. I think the tourism sector will be the pioneer of this business.
Positive news for such organizations, seminars, meetings, crypto money investors. I do not know what the place will be in the future but for today it is a pleasure for us.