The famous Crypto Money Exchange has been the sponsor of the Premier League Team.

The famous Crypto Money Exchange has been the sponsor of the Premier League Team.

As the money market grows and develops, the size and reputation of the sponsorship agreements made by the industry have increased, and a sponsorship agreement is seen every day in different fields. CoinDeal, a South Cyprus-based crypto-money exchange, is supposed to be the club sponsor for the upcoming Wolverhampton Wanderers in the Premier League this year, as well as in the training equipment of the club, and in the advertising space at the stadium Molineux.

CoinDeal co-founder Kajetan Mackowiak, who made the statement, said:
"I have always been intimate with sports. We, as a company, are absolutely aware of what a positive contribution the football market will make to our mark. Sponsoring a well-established and prestigious British team like Wolverhampton Wanderers is a huge development for us. "

Wolves, who have won twice in the English League Cup and have won a Premier League championship first place in the Premier League, While the Wolverhampton team, nicknamed "The Nickname", announced the sponsorship agreement from the official website, the following statements were posted on the subject:
"CoinDeal is a company with both a brave and forward-looking vision, and we think they can be a very good strategic partner for us. One more partner will contribute to the Wolves brand and this is a very positive thing for both us and our fans. "According to the

Coin Market Cap data, the daily trading volume of the CoinDeal stock market is about $ 1 million and Ethereum is at the top of this category with 35%. The other crypto currencies that can be traded on the Bourseada are BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH, LTC and FTO, while withdrawing money in Euros and Dollars at the same time.
The stock market, which started its activity in March of 2018, draws attention with the votes made about the addition of new crypto money. A member of the stock exchange can ask for a crypto money to be added to the stock exchange, bid on it, and members vote it. If accepted, that coin is added to the stock market.

Recently, arm sponsorships have also become a major fashion among Premier League teams after breast sponsorships. As it is known, Liverpool Premier Union and Everton have signed the arm sponsorship agreement with Angry Birds from the famous Premier League teams.