The famous actor from new jersey is banned from the ico sale

The famous actor from new jersey is banned from the ico sale

According to documents dated March 7th, the new jersey regulators ordered the organizatorlerine of the ico sale supported by famous actor Steven Seagal.

The order, organised by the new Jersey State Securities Bureau, was reportedly charged with the "FRAUD OF UNREGISTERED SECURITIES FRAUD" by the people behind the formation (B2g) formation. The move came after the us main legal exchange for securities and exchange commission (SEC) and the trade commission (Cftc) of the trade commission (Cftc) had decided last month that the ico would be held close to the use of American consumers.

The sec also noted that this kind of project has been issued for the support of famous individuals, and the Securities Bureau also noted that seagal's relationship with the bitcoiin2gen was confidential.

The Bureau's orders are to say:

The day before the order of the order, seagal tweeted a tweet on the evening of March 6th that this digital tokenin would soon be taken from the largest market in the world. The actor has not yet made a statement on new developments.

Us in law lawmakers shows tough attitudes about vague ico sales and companies associated with them in 2018