The European Union commission says Bitcoin Mining is "Legal"

The European Union commission says Bitcoin Mining is "Legal"

According to a European Union commission member's statement, crypto money mining is completely legal in Europe and only certain electricity spending rules.

Last week, European Gabriel, a member of the European Union for digital economy and society, said in a statement about how crypto currencies can be subjected to excessive power-consuming structures and how it can be treated.

But since Gabriel is an economic-consuming economic activated, mining stressed that the EU has a set of rules about " Energy Efficiency, energy sector and greenhouse gas release

He also noted that the European Commission's crypto currencies will continue to monitor its increasing impact and demand on energy consumption.

Although the news has recently decreased due to the lack of for, the majority of mining activities are still in China. Gabriel is relevant:

In A report previously published in the Washington post, Iceland, which produces a large majority of its energy, has mentioned that the island's energy resources are being implemented in the event of the complete implementation of the crypto-money mining projects that have recently been taken. But Iceland is a full eu member country. It's just being part of the European economic region.

Experts on the issue are only able to remove 0,14 per cent of the electricity sources that are being used in the world. In addition to proving that this is bad for the environment, there are also those who think it is a strong incentive to experiment on sustainable energy solutions in the blockchain industry.