Stratum-bot-iPhone in the world of bots-beautiful, works, nothing to touch


"Type iPhone in the world of bots, beautiful, works and do not touch anything” - happy user)

Stratum is an automated trading bot that can help you achieve a good and stable result in trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. The ancestor of this product is YoBit Scalper Bot 0.9, positive feedback which became the starting point for the development of something new, improved and many times more profitable.

At the moment, there is one strategy in the bot – scalping.

It's simple – we trade inside the spread, earning on the difference between the extreme orders in cups. Stratum-bot has its own algorithm for trading on this strategy, which can be configured not to sell in the negative at all. Due to the fact that it is designed so that its orders should always be the first in the queue for execution – it turns out to quickly close orders. On the last test run the bot for 18 hours exhibited a 380 orders (37 iterations of "buy cheaper-sell more expensive").

You can trade on any currency pair on The yobit exchange (over time, other exchanges will be added). For each pair you need to find your optimal settings, but all the parameters for trading bot can pick up automatically in one click.

The percentage of profitability of the bot has not yet been studied, but judging by the reviews and tests on 5-10% per day can be calculated.

How to start in 20 seconds

1. Start Stratum-Bot
2. In the settings insert your API keys
3. Enter any currency pair and volume
4. Press the zipper (auto-selection)
5. Click "Run»
6. PROFIT!!!