Rumor has it that the rothschild are taking their own crypto money?

Rumor has it that the rothschild are taking their own crypto money?

Many different sources on the internet have been speculating on a subject for a long time. He's one of the richest families in the world, and even the rothschild are going to take out their own crypto-money from the rothschild.

This information is alleged to be used through closed channels. The Crypto-money project, which will be called immo, is likely to be a stabilcoin that will be supported by gold or another natural source. The family is expressing a global use of this crypto money. In this case, the dynasty, which will be immo's ihraccisi, will have control over a large capital.

There is also the possibility of an official government money. It is also said that this crypto money will also function as a result of domestic needs. According to this allegedly, immo's special block chain will allow the Rothschild s' entire fortune to reach their grandchildren through the immo token.

We need to remember that this information is just a rumor. The rumors could be a group of entrepreneur marketing activity that will launch the immo project and have no ties to the rothschild.

Meanwhile, 75-Year-old David De Rothschild passed his mission at Rothschild & co on 17 may to 37-Year-Old Alexandre De Rothschild. Son Rothschild will be leading the organization at the center of the world financial center for 200 years. It's remarkable that 37-Year-Old Rothschild is closely related to blockchain technology.

Last February, bitfinex's bank accounts, one of the world's largest crypto-currency accounts, were transferred to the Dutch bank ing, the rothschild group. The Goldman Sachs company, which was controlled by the rothschild group again, bought the us-based crypto money exchange poloniex. At the same time, circle has reported that it will remove the stabilcoin circle usd coin in the past few weeks.

So it's possible to say that the rothschild is very familiar with crypto money. There are many important coincidences that show that they are interested in crypto money and will not end with writing. It's not even like immo, it's a lot of crypto-money projects. Who knows, the strings of Bitcoin May be in their hands. Perhaps there are rothschild in the back of this revolution, as claimed by some. 33599537_420184841786572_6473341989470339072_n.jpg