I'm not. IO-2. th-quarter services

I'm not. IO-2. th-quarter services
Multicurrency Wallet (multiple koin wallet)

By continuing to take advantage of the unique features and advantages of each individual, combine different wallets for many koin in one wallet.
Staking (Stacking Service)
Your supported formats will only allow you to access the site, without having to download many wallets to your computer, without having to collect information about how it works, and you will be able to use your computer without 7/24 open.

Tpos market
Merchantlar (Traders) will provide similar services to the #tpos-Marketplace (tpos market) to provide better market competition that leads to more competitive and lower prices.

Masternode service
We're going to watch and watch, so you won't have to know how to handle the masternodelari or how to do maintenance.
Masternode pool
Shared masternodelar
Atomic exchange service

It will allow you to trade for any fee or minimum wage between the matching currencies.