[Idea] Trading system

For me, I wanted to share a very nice idea and take your minds.

The problem to be solved: To make
the products / service analyzed, to protect the buyer and the seller with digital bills
, to provide the buyer's anonymity, to be able to sell independently of a product's law and to solve the problems that cause them.

Long section:

Now, what we buy in purchases is either product or service, and when we buy them we pay more than the original price of the product (greedy business owner, brokerage commission, tax, etc.). I also think of a trade platform that allows inter-person trade as a solution to this problem (centerless marketplace).
It will be everything that can be bought / sold on this platform (there are no obstacles in illegal content :confused:. The buyer will be able to find the cheapest product on this number, which can see past purchases that all sellers can see, and the seller will be able to sell their products without having to deal with the official ones (I do not think these prices affect the prices well :)

In the case of a dispute to be made in the system by creating an invoice for each purchase made and hiding the buyer and the seller, any of the invoice owners (buyer or seller) can make the invoice transparent and prove the purchase.

In the system, the products will be completely transparent and the bills will be posted in secret.
In this way, sales information about a product will be easily accessible and will facilitate analysis on the product (such as price comparison).

In order to keep this well-established platform standing, the commission will be taken in a position that does not leave the vendor rough (one percent, one-on-one, etc.).