Ico move from Holland

Ico move from Holland

In a letter to parliament recently, Dutch Finance Minister wopke hoekstra argued that crypto funds should be held in the international arena as a collective study.

In the shared documents, it is noted that hoekstra is paying attention to customer protection in the first place. For example, the minister says he wants to meet with credit card companies in order to get more stringent measures to protect investors who purchase crypto money with credit card.

Markets and crypto-money companies operating in the country have to make official registration by the end of 2019 and have to show compliance with the law of diagnostic laws, hoekstra says. The new laws are on the way to protect the ico. Hoektra says:

" we are investigating whether those who invest in the ico are protected as well as investors who invest in the ipo or bonds of bond. The current laws don't seem to be enough for this."

In a statement published last November by the Dutch financial markets agency is, the ico has been sent to " a dangerous cocktail Under the laws of hoekstra, which will support the declaration, it will be in front of the laws of risky financial products.

Wopke Hoekstra is under the auspices of the other European Union countries and the co-op research to see " the state of the country market But before the European Union, there are many things in the Netherlands that need to be dealt with and fixed. At the beginning of these are the laws of the country's Crypto-currencies and the crypto-Money-based speculative activities. The promise is again in hoekstra:

" the current denetimsel system and instruments will be very narrow when we consider the body size of the crypto money."

There have been significant developments in the European countries recently for crypto coins and ico. Just like the Netherlands, Switzerland has explained that in the past few weeks, the ico will go to edit.