How is the real value of crypto money calculated theoretically?

How is the real value of crypto money calculated theoretically?

There are 3 cases of people who invest in crypto-money investments that are invested in financial investments. These are the condition of whether you take an asset, sell it or hold it. In particular, this decision is an emergency procedure that should be taken in the markets, such as crypto money markets. And sometimes calculation on the true value of crypto money can be quite effective in the rapid process of this decision.

Analysts work using a number of financial analysis methods that should be taken when the position is asked to be taken and how long it should be taken. Calculation of the true value of crypto money will certainly be useful to the investment decision. Here are some of the theoretical signals used by analysts to measure the value of crypto money.

One of the most popular ways to find the value of a company's stock value is to look at the percentage of the stock price per stock. - with another statement, the rate of how investors are willing to pay for each dollar of the profits. A High P / e ratio points to the future high growth growth of the market, while a low p / e rate may mean an opportunity by pointing out that the stock is under the value of the stock. Of course, I'm not going to be able to use different forms for the opportunity. Otherwise, the low rate may not be very promising about that entity.

Kriptoda is considered analog to the network-Value-processing rate (Nvt). If a crypto money is a change tool, then it will be based on the value that users are processing. Willy woo, who reveals the idea, has an audience with a nvt rate for Bitcoin. The rate of nvt is now showing that the market is excessive. Willy woo's website follows a slightly modified version of the nvt signal, which has been followed up to $ 20.000

Most of the emotional analysis has been found in high prices with higher conversions, two researchers from the Canadian Western University, sha wang and Jean-Philippe Vergne, the bing search volumes and the Alexa Web Traffic Ranking, which has turned out to be a negative return of the crypto money basket. He did. They think that the signals of the rising search have created volatility for existing crypto owners. The eth researchers in Zurich have determined that google search is often a precursor to negative events such as the attack, and a pioneering indicator of the price rate.

Ladislav Kristoufek from Prague Charles University argues that Bitcoin Prices Have been implemented since 2013 Developing, who developed a model in 2015, has detected the rise of the google crypto currency, both rise and breaches (backwards). This sensitive effect is a condition that varies by time and depends on the phase of the cycle.

An Anonymous financial analyst in London developed a model for Bitcoin Value based on money laundering, shared with the financial times. As a regular report compiled by a swiss governance observer, it should be more useful if you can create more money globally, like Bitcoin, a non-Central Exchange Tool. The model said the second half of 2016 was " an important valuation balloon Considering Bitcoin Rose from $ 600 to $ 1000 at that time it only approached $ 20.000 at the end of 2017 - this model did not signal in time.

Tom Lee, from the fundstrat research unit, uses a model based on the metcalfe law, an equation that explains that a telecommunications network has a disproportionate value to more member states. The law of metcalfe can easily be shown with the fax machines: these tools that do not work on their own are useful only when everyone starts using them. Based on estimates from the blockchain about the number of Bitcoin Users and transactions per user, he predicted a price of $ 20.000 for Bitcoin by mid-2018

As a result, most of the time there are people who don't need to deal with these mathematical processes that are often considered boring. One of these people is Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter and square. Dorsey reveals a simple formula to take advantage of it in case bitcoin becomes the "only currency" in the world. This formula is simply like this; invest in BITCOIN UP TO 1 per cent of net fortune, keep the portfoyunuzde for at least five years. This financial prescription is a phenomenon revealed by Fintech Entrepreneur and Paypal board member wences casares. At the same time, wences casares is considered to be among the first people to spread the crypto madness among the technology the.