Hacked: millions of dollars crypto missing!

Hacked: millions of dollars crypto missing!

The South Korean Crypto-money exchange announced that it will be released on Sunday. Sources claim that the stock market is missing $ 40 million worth of losses.

Coinrail website announced that they suspended all proceedings after the attack they called " Cyber breach Millions of dollars worth of erc-20-based token were lost in the attack.

The stock market just gave the names of some of the tokenlarin instead of fully explaining the amount of infringing shares. These include npxs x project npxs tokeni, Aston and nper of the Aston project. In an article published by pundi x, he said that the attack was 1,927 Aether, 2.6 billion npxs, 93 Million ATX, 831 million dent coin and other 6 different tokendan. According to the coinmarketcap data, these beings were in a total of $ 40 million during the attack, but fell to 30 million per week.

A Billion-dollar transaction.
According to form x's post, the coinrail had been warned about an address that was labeled " fake _ phishing1432" " immediately after their release on Sunday. Coinrail believes this may be related to the hacker. I'm not. According to io data, this address tried to sell a $ 26 million npxs token in generate immediately after receiving a $ 2.6 billion npxs from "fake _ phishing1431" from a suspicious address. Coinrail and pundi x claim that the generate (Non-Central Ethereum Asset Stock Exchange) has returned to review assets from fake _ phishing1432 and has not been liquidate.

It also shows the process of the fake _ Phishing1431 Address, which has also been bought several hours before eth, npsx, ATX, dent, kyber network, storm, jibrel network and tron. I'm not. Io was sent to npxs generate immediately after the attack, while other tokenlar were transferred to etherdelta, another crypto exchange for processing. But in the meantime, it's unclear whether the assets are being liquidate or not. We haven't heard from coinrail in the meantime, and we haven't heard from him yet.

70 % of assets are safe

Coinrail has been able to access a cold (cold) wallet on the internet, and 70 % of all assets are safe. The Two-thirds of the 30 % have been added. A third of the remaining, he said, is being examined by police, developers, related projects and investigators.