[GUNBOT] Automated trading cryptocurrency bot

[GUNBOT] Automated trading cryptocurrency bot

I suggest everyone to read this topic, even if you do not want to use GUNBOT: the algorithm that this bot uses can also be applied to manual trading, so if you want to start trading in altcoins, read this carefully and you will receive a profit in a very short time. The difference between manual trading and trading with GUNBOT is the ability to trade and make a profit 24/7, even when you sleep.

Download GUNBOT: https://bitbucket.org/jefrus/gunbot/downloads/GUNBOT.rar

How it works

It works as it should: buy low and sell high, it brings profit many times. This is not a PING-PONG algorithm, it is something more advanced, which takes into account market prices and volatility. I'm going to explain “how” to accurately buy low and sell high, so you can understand the logic of GUNBOT. As stated in the disclaimer, you can apply this logic to manual trading, but using GUNBOT will multiply your profit, depending on how much you have invested in trading. Is there any chance that GUNBOT could lose money? Yes: if you use a stop limit too close to the daily movement of the coin (I will teach you how to avoid it) OR in case of coin dumps. I will teach you how not to panic during a decline, just follow this topic and the messages that I will add later, and you will get all the basics you need to be a good GUNBOT merchant.

And now let's analyze in order in more detail what GUNBOT is:

At the moment, after many revisions, improvements and additions, GUNBOT has version 10.0.4.

1. Supported exchanges:
-Coinbase Pro

It is worth noting that if you decide to trade using this bot, you can simultaneously do it on several exchanges.

2. Fully automated trading
You can use Gunbot to fully automate your trading, taking advantage of the usual high fluctuation of market prices in the market. After you have chosen a coin to trade and have chosen a trading strategy, Gunbot will constantly buy when prices are low and sell when prices are high.

With the default settings, you can expect several daily trades for each coin, each of which will bring about 2% of the deposit when they are successfully closed.

3. Increase manual trading
Do you regularly buy assets by hand and try to sell them at a high price? With Gunbot, you can automate the sale: use the built-in trend tracking and trailing stop lights to find great exit points.

You can also install Gunbot for purchase and not sell. Thus, you can define specific criteria for buying a coin in order to get a bargain. For example, you can allow Gunbot to buy only when a certain RSI value is reached or the price is a percentage below the EMA. A combination of several factors is possible.

4. Powerful strategies
Gunbot's strategies determine how much to invest and which criteria to set for buying and selling. Different approaches to finding points of buying and selling are what makes strategies different.

There are three main categories of strategies in Gunbot: an indicator (for example, Bollinger bands), a price (with a trailing stop / stop loss) and a trend (acting on a trend reversal).

Strategies range from very easy to use to complex. In the simplest scenario, you set only your trading limit. For advanced users, there are more than 40 parameters for customizing trading behavior.

5. Easy to use
You do not need any developer skills to use Gunbot. You can install software in minutes on any modern computer and control the bot using an easy-to-use browser-based interface.

Alternatively, the bot can operate in program mode. Just set the bot settings in the config.js file. Gunbot automatically reloads the settings each time the configuration file is updated, so you can use your own tools to automatically update the configuration.

About the 10 version of Gunbot. What's new?

• Completely new GUI: integrated into the main gunthy executable: simplifies installation, simplifies settings management, simplifies pairs management, dashboard with portfolio overview, detailed charts, manual trading, 2FA and much more!

Error correction

• Fixed P / L calculation in Telegram notifications.
• Eliminate the time out problem.
• Fixed an issue preventing orders for Satoshi low value coins.
• Various fixes for the TradingView add-in, especially improved handling of multiple incoming orders using the TradingView add-on.
• Fixed buying / selling behavior on previously configured indicators, such as SMACROSS, EMASPREAD and MACD.
• Save final orders so that they are not lost when rebooting.
• Literally hundreds of other fixes ...


You can get Telegram support - @mirrowd or directly on this forum. There are also several Telegram groups with support and discussions that comprise over 3,000 active traders!

Special thanks to all the people who support this project every day in a good or bad sense: we strive to create the perfect machine for money, and we will definitely “never give up!”.

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