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* The device will make the job of people using digital money easier.
* Sirin is competing / competing with many blockchain phone companies.

Foxcoin Technology Group; It has become the world's largest electronics producer with mass production of top selling products such as Iphone, Kindless and Play Station. Now he is throwing this power to bring the cryptoparas massively.

One of Foxcon's affiliates agreed that Sirin Lab is helping to build and develop a blockchain phone. The new device, called Finney, is designed to help owners secure storage and use of digital money and related services such as Bitcoin.

While millions of people have bought Bitcoin, few of them are using Bitcoin in daily operations. Digital money holders keep these money in special memory until the time they need it to prevent theft, store user names and passwords that can consist of dozens of characters.

In an interview with Sirin CEO, based on the existing user experience, "the mass market will never get it," explaining, "It is not possible at all to understand how Anamidin Bitcoin is used and my mother is smart."

Sirin, The ICO gathered 158 million dollars for the presentation. The phone is scheduled to be shipped in October. Sirin, such as products from Vietnam and Turkey in places where the most active community kriptopar 8 plans to offer for sale in new stores. Hogeg stated that he hoped that the product would be sold through mobile line operators. The company has already announced that 25 thousand units of pre-orders have been received. Sirin aims to send products from 100 to several million this year.

The device is intended to integrate all kinds of hooks. The device will allow its customers to shop at crypto-friendly grocery stores like and Expedia by swapping cash for special tokens if needed.

Security Issue

Sirin said that Finney will handle all services for the money, which is a component of the phone and activated by a physical switch. Instead of locking it with cute, complex addresses and private passwords, users can verify their identity with eye-browsing, fingerprinting or a simple password.

Matt Suiche, founder of security at Comae Technologies, said that while the architecture of the phone seems reliable, there is a risk that thieves will kidnap Finney owners and provide forced access to their wallets.

Suiche said, "From a sales perspective, phone design looks to be visually prominent, designed to make the collection more attractive. But it always makes it easier to be a target. "

Hopes to license Swiss-based Sirin technologies to other phone makers. Such software agreements can push the price from $ 1,000 to $ 200 for Finney.

Cute; Zippie and Bitvault want to enter the mass market before the opponents. In February, Zippie, with ICO collecting $ 30 million, was created by a team of 10 people with work experience in Nokia and mobile operation systems company Jolla. Bitvault has set up some units in Asia to develop military applications and is now considering offering blockchain phones directly to consumers.