Donald Trump

Us President Donald Trump's former secretary, Steve Bannon, said the crypto currencies were a presence for the establishment movement in Europe on March 6th at an event sponsored by Switzerland's die weltwoche newspaper.

He said his conference in Zurich will strengthen crypto currencies and blockchain's "Populist ] Movement, which will strengthen companies and get rid of the central banks that produce slave fees"[

The wife sees the wide use and integration of the crypto currencies and the blockchain as a means of survival of the companies that create modern slavery.

Bannon also said:

The Strategist blamed the central banks and technology companies on the grounds that they took the rights and identities of ordinary people and used them for their own purposes.

Steve Bannon Roams Europe on the speech tour following his right-wing victories in the last Italian elections. At The Conference, he has long conversations about crypto currencies and the blockchain movement of the right nationalism movement.

Before he started working in the trump administration, bannon was on the board of breitbart news and became known as a sound from his safe movement in the United States. Bannon was a member of President Trump, as well as a member of the National Security Council, and was expelled from the white house in August 2017

In addition, the city of zug, known as the "Crypto Valley" in Switzerland, is building a global centre for crypto and blockchain. Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (Finma) has implemented forward policies towards crypto currencies and has made Switzerland a competitive environment in developing blockchain technology.