Companies want to use Bitcoin in financial transactions

Companies want to use Bitcoin in financial transactions

According to a survey, the business world is looking hot on Bitcoin Transactions to reduce transaction costs and reduce its dependence on central authority. However, according to the same poll, many companies fear that Bitcoin Use will target themselves to cyber attacks.

According to the poll, companies say "yes" to Bitcoin

Neustar Inc. A poll by the neustar International Security Council, which has been launched by and is a global Cyber Security Experts Forum, reveals that the business sector is willing to accept Bitcoin. The research shows that 80 % of companies want to use crypto money in transfer transactions. In addition, 48 % of the surveyed companies also think that using crypto currencies will increase the value of their values.

However, according to the survey, 80 % of companies are concerned about the risk of Ddos Attacks, when they start to use Bitcoin. 26 % of companies think the crypto money that can be hijacked by the ransomware (ransom software) attacks is a big risk for business. However, despite these security reports, according to recent research, 50 % of British companies have crypto-money stock.

Cyber criminals use ransomware for Bitcoin Carjacking

Companies That Use Bitcoin are worried about sophisticated attacks, such as computer, city, ransomware. " the ransomware and Ddos Attacks, ciddiyetleri, complications, and potential siddetleri, continue to be the biggest threat companies have ever faced. This is a financial threat to the growing companies." comment.

" we will see that the computer software is being used to distract companies from ransomware or ddos attacks to distract them. We will also witness the desire to steal large amounts of financial data, such as bitcoin or popularity. However, in more consistent security companies, companies are completing their most sensitive data, processes and models, completing critical information in long and short term."