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Hello, the new voting has already begun.

You can cast your vote until October 15th. The threshold for particular cryptocurrency to be considered is 1500 votes. The rest is in your hands!

Check it out and vote! ???

Past 2 Weeks In CoinDeal

- We added a new method to deposit your funds on CoinDeal. You can use Mistertango to send your euro (EUR) to your wallet.

- We changed an account number for EUR transfers to improve the deposit process.

- We announced the results of Game of Tron and paid out the prizes.

- 8th voting conducted on CoinDeal to choose next cryptocurrency implemented on CoinDeal has already finished. The winners are Electra and Electroneum.

- We have also changed the layout of registration subpage to simplify using it.

If you are still not registered on


The first payments were sent to members of our VIP Affiliate Program! ?

Do you remember about earning not only by trading?

What can you gain becoming our VIP?

✔️ a lower trading fee – instead of 0,3% (maker) and 0,4% (taker), you’ll pay only 0,2% (maker) and 0,3% (taker)

✔️ as the VIP user, you’ll earn 20% of the fees paid by the users who you’ll recommend.

✔️ if the users recommended by you will invite some new people to CoinDeal, you will earn additional 20% from the 20% of the fees the new users will pay

✔️... and many more.

Encourage your friends to register from your link. Remember, there is no limit of friends you can invite. - JOIN NOW

Всем привет! We are coming with good news.

We introduced RUBLE along with the market BTC/RUB to CoinDeal. Go to your wallet after logging to your CoinDeal account and make a transfer!


Remember that all the materials available on our cryptocurrency exchange platform are translated into Russian.

We are consequently trying to improve our cryptocurrency exchange platform - and therefore the satisfaction of our users...

We are ready to present the winners of the 9th voting for a new cryptocurrency on CoinDeal! ?

PRiVCY and SAFEX CASH will be implemented to our crypto exchange platform soon. ?

We would like to remind you, that before the implementation, we check each cryptocurrency that wins in our “vote for a new cryptocurrency”. If we find any incorrectnesses, according to our policy, we have the right not to implement the cryptocurrency. We want to keep the high standards of our services.

ECA and ETN available on CoinDeal!?

We would like to announce that ElectraCoin (ECA) and Electroneum (ETN), the winners of 8th voting, have been added to

As a reminder, in the 8th voting on CoinDeal Electra got the first place with the breaking record amount of votes - 3154! Electroneum was on the second place with a little over 1500 votes.

Don’t waste your time and make a deposit on ECA and ETN wallets, because… soon we will announce two contests for the most active traders on ECA/BTC and ETN/BTC markets!

ECA, ETN.png
Win ECA - 1 MILLION coins!

As we have promised, there is a new contest that we have organized together with Electra’s team - the founders of the prize!

The contest starts on October 19th, at 13:00 (UTC+01:00) and will last for the next 3 weeks until November 9th.

ElectraCoin is a cryptocurrency newly added to - a cryptocurrency exchange platform, as a result of the 8th voting in our "vote for a new cryptocurrency system".

Check out the details here!

We are pleased to inform you that CoinDeal is being moved from Cyprus to Malta!

It is a significant step in developing our company.

Malta is the perfect environment for developing cryptocurrency technologies, due to the complex support provided by the Maltese government.

Moreover, we want to assure you that it will not influence the services we provide you. Now we only need you to fill the agreement that will allow us to move your user accounts to our new company.

It’s easy! Log in on CoinDeal, then accept the changes. After that, you can trade freely!


As you know, we moved from Cyprus to Malta, and that's why we ask you to accept the agreement to move your user account to our company with the new address.

We will send you the SMS ? requesting log on CoinDeal and acceptation of the agreement.

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Dear Users of CoinDeal! We’ve got for you fresh news from the market!🔔

We are in the top 50 Cryptocurrency Exchanges by Trade Volume.

We were delighted to see our position!


Due to moving our headquarter to Malta, we needed your agreement for transferring user accounts to the new company .

We haven’t received all the approvals yet. That's why we ask 🙏 those who have not done it yet, to log in CoinDeal and accept the agreement :).

Thank you!