Coinbase Opens New Crypto Platform in Japan!

The US-based crypto-currency platform Coinbase, which is currently available in 32 countries, announced that it will open the platform in Japan, which has the world's largest crypto-currency community.

Coinbase announced at a press conference Monday that it will work with the Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA) on its new platform after launching its office in Japan.

The long-awaited launch supports nearly $ 10.5 million from the largest Japanese investors, including Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (BMTU) and the Japanese Bank, as the company announced its plan to enter Japan nearly two years ago. took place.

At the launch of Coinbase, he said:

"As in our other platforms, we plan to adopt a planned approach to our activities in Japan. This means that we will work with the Japanese FSA to do business in accordance with local laws at every stage. "

Nao Kitazawa, formerly an investor and banker at Morgan Stanley Japan, will be the manager of Coinbase Japan. Nao, He said that Japan Fintech Association is in the board of directors and that it can easily carry out the business.

In April 2017, Japan spent the necessary legislative year to make payments nationwide with crypto-currencies such as BitCoin. Following this, many companies, such as Yahoo Japan and SBI, who are the best in the world, took their place in Japan by creating their own crypto money.

According to CCN, Coinbase is expanding its product range to meet the needs of institutional investors, not just opening up in new markets but also a new type of customer. Firma recently moved on to a product package for new institutions, and started a new department of capital management.