Bitter truths about crypto trading

Bitter truths about crypto trading—-
Its highly profitable for people who entered into crypto gig below 8000$ infact 3-5k$.
2-Those who enterd above 10k are just losing dollar value as we speak at the end of the day we dont spend btcs we spend dollars.
3- Doesnt matter how ACE trader you are if BTC dumps and looses its dollar value you are in loss untill it goes back up from your buying price or you have a strong grip on BTC/USD pair but you can trade either alts or USD/USDT and trading BTC against dollars is not an easy job so 90% ppl prefer alts trading only.
4- Lets say Jhonny bought btc at 15000$ somehow he pulled a miracle in trading and earned 50% of his deposit that is 1.5 BTC now he wants to cash out but BTC is dumped to 8000$ now his deposit is worth 12000$ after kick ass trading which is very less likely to happen mostly traders book 20-30% of their deposit if they are professionals anyways Jhonny lost 3000$ even after the ACE TRADING beacuse of BTC .
5- In past crypto trading was way easier then present situation BTC dumped alts pumped and vice versa but now BTC dumps alts dumps it pumps they dump and it seldom goes sideways even in that alts hardly respond beacuse the BTC has been increased so much people literally loose their 1-3000$ on little swings per BTC in past BTC was just worth 1000-3000$ and ppl didnt care much about dollars and usually invest in alts to reap of benefits while btc dumps but now they cashout from both the alts and BTC and hence dump both of them which is making trading hell of difficult day by day and it will keep on increasing with the increasing value of BTC and no of people.
6- Crypto trading is a seasonal gig you get one good month and literally 3-5 bad months afterwards and most of the people miss that one good month in fear that they will loose money and when their confidence is about to be built BOOM MARKET CRASHES, after MAY JUNE there were 4-5 months of bear phase then a little green in nov-dec and now again there is blood in the streets and it will remain bloody throughout march and may be april.
I see alots of people in my news feed who didnt know jack about crypto but now they are all market gurus coming up live every hour with a big smile on their faces when BTC and market has been dumped like shit and still motivating people to buy alt coins and BTCS. HOW CAN YOU LITERALLY SMILE WHEN EVERYTHING IS BLOODY AS HELL?
It clearly shows that they are not even trading and just feeding on people money so beware people now is not a time to trade the only tradeable pair right now is btc/usd and is highly dangerous yet extremely powerful.