BitMEX is an international cryptocurrency exchange.

In fact, we can buy and sell certain assets in the future at a given price. With BitMEX, users can utilize up to 100 times with certain contracts.

BitMEX is an international cryptocurrency exchange that was launched in 2014 by HDR Global Trading Ltd.BitMEX provides a market with experienced, professional BitCon vendors.

BitMEX will not charge a fee for deposits or withdrawals. However, when withdrawing Bitcoin, the minimum network fee is based on the load on the block chain. Therefore, the only cost is the cost of a bank or encryption network.

BitMEX is widely regarded as high security level. The platform uses multiple signature deposits and withdrawal schemes that can only be used by BitMEX partners. BitMEX uses Amazon Web Services to protect the server with text messages, two-factor authentication, and hardware tokens.

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