Bitcoin's Biggest Problem: Bad Reputation

Throughout its history Bitcoin has faced various challenges. These difficulties included technical problems as well as dilemmas among the Bitcoin community itself. Bitcoin has also received criticism from officials from various governments around the world, executives from various companies, and is accused of being an 'illegal vehicle'. Bitcoin is not, of course, an innate "illegal" vehicle and has not been produced for this purpose. But I have to admit that people have such an affinity with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin's Illegal Side
It is obvious that Bitcoin has experienced some problems with the image. There are still too many people who identify crypto money with cybercrime, drug trafficking, fraud, money laundering. On top of that, Bitcoin has a negative reputation when there are various scandals, attacks and frauds in the crypto money sector. Among the greatest of these scandals are Silk Road, Mt. There are events like Gox.

But we have to remember that Bitcoin is not inherently illegal. Dr. David Cowan's view on the issue is as follows:
"It is hard to keep in mind that such money is not produced for illegal purposes when there is so much confusion and conflict in the cryptographic sector."
Perhaps even worse is that Bitcoin is not used too much for illegal purposes. In general, cryptic money is not used too much for illegal purposes.
In January 2018, Yaya Fanusie, a member of the Democratic National Center for Sanctions and Illegal Financial Affairs (CSIF), published an article entitled"Money Laundering with Bitcoin: Analysis of Illegal Digital Money Flow in Digital Money Services" it had the following result:

"Less than one percent of the total transactions on Bitcoin are made for illegal purposes."
A small fraction of the transactions done with Bitcoin are used for illegal purposes, but too many people pretend that Bitcoin is purely intended for such purposes. That's why Bitcoin does not have a very positive reputation.
Measures, Controls
Bitcoin's reputation needs to be corrected as soon as possible, and there are various names in the crypto money industry that are working to do it.

For example, Dr. Cowan writes in his article "Crypto money: Correction of future reputation," citing crypto money as the main reason to think that it will further reduce the illegal use rate.
Matt Bisanz, one of Mayer Brown's officials, has this opinion:
"More work needs to be done to build trust, to reduce the impact of crimes and crimes on users. You will not stop using your credit card when your credit card is stolen. This event does not make a big impact on you. Crypto coins will be questions to be answered until it reaches that level. "

Bisanz also several in this area" measures and protection "will be implemented and people crypto money to" trust "is considering to start.
Tom Robinson, a founding partner of Elliptic, also believes that regulations to be brought to the cryptographic sector can help with reputation.
In general, Bitcoin has proven to be a solid entity in many ways. For example, we can say that the hacking attacks in the crypto money sector have made the market more immune to such attacks. Christian Ferri, CEO of BlockStar, commented:

"As in any technology here, hacking attacks will create problems in the short term, but these attacks will be one of the things that make the crypto money industry the most improved. We will make the sector safer, which is important for the expansion of the industry. "We
can say that the cryptographic sector can eventually become safer and stronger. But we do not know when the reputation of Bitcoin will be improved.
As the country's formalization and officialization gradually form a law on tryptophan, it can also remove bad reputation. As the use of everyday life increases, it will become more common.
No one throws cryptoparalla in front of me. Bad reputation is also effective in ordinary currency In addition to technical purposes, the use of malicious intent is personal. However, hacking and theft are the complete weakness of us or stock exchanges.
Abuse can be used not only in this area, but also in all areas, but people may be in a new sense and hate things they are not used to. I think this situation will be resolved in time.
Bitcoin has no illegal side, but it has not been retained by the world. They support blockchains instead of encrypting money. The worst part of Bitcoin and many cryptocurrencies is the unpredictable transfer result, which is not obvious in terms of manufacturing.
Bitcoin talked about its name in 2017 and tried to build reputation and trust by focusing on high-priced people, but the regulatory implementation of crypto funds in countries made this job a bit difficult.
The existence of this technology does not seem to be convincing. I think this is a real problem, but its use in everyday life will improve quickly from the start.
Bitcoin spoke about its name in 2017 and tried to establish reputation and trust by paying attention to the people with high price increase, but the implementation of regulation on the crypto money of countries made this work a little hard.
to trace the money the state authority wants, to know who it belongs to. they are able to do them very easily in physical currency. business cryptolara, but if there is an account on the stock exchange and get information from there, you can find out who owns it. the bitcoin has been sent to me for promise, I sell it to the buyer you want and I hide my identity again. this is the point where they confront privacy and money laundering from two places.
The good of the ad is not a bad thing, but how you judge the way you use it is your goodness or evil. You also use Bitcoin for help, to work abroad and to send money quickly and cheaply, and also to illegal businesses. There is no difference between television or internet sinners, so the reason for this is lack of information, not researching the system, looking at the world with eyeglasses.
Unfortunately, the time-lapse money laundering events gave a counter-trump card for how much the bitcoin flew. I hope everyone enjoys the importance of this technology.