Bitcoin core 0.16.1 is released

Bitcoin core version 0.16.1 is now available from:


This is a new minor release, including new features, various bugfixes And performance improvements, as well as updated translations.Please use the issue tracker on GitHub to report the error:

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How to upgrade

If you are running an older version, please turn it off. Wait until it is completely
Close (older version may take a few minutes) and then run
Installer (on Windows) or just copy `/ Applications / Bitcoin-Qt` (on Mac)
Or "bitcoind" / "bitcoin-qt" (on Linux).

The first time you run 0.15.0 or higher, your chainstate database will be converted to The new format takes a few minutes to half an hour.
Depends on the speed of your machine.

Please note that the block database format has also changed in version 0.8.0, but no Automatic upgrade code from version 0.8 to 0.15.0 or higher. upgrade
Re-downloading blockchains directly from 0.7.x and earlier is not supported.
However, as usual, the old wallet version is still supported.

Downgrade warning

Wallets created in 0.16 and higher are not compatible with versions prior to 0.16
If you try to use a newly created wallet in an older version, you won't be able to use it. existing Wallets created with older versions are not affected by this.

The Bitcoin core has been extensively tested on a variety of operating systems Linux kernel, macOS 10.8+ and Windows Vista and above. Windows XP is not supported.
The Bitcoin core should also work for most other Unix-like systems, but it is not.
Always test on them.

Significant change

Miner block size has been removed

The miner limits the block size to the `-blockmaxsize` option.
Deprecated in version 0.15.1 and has been removed. Miners should use `-blockmaxweight` option if they want to limit the weight of their block'
0.16.1 change log

### Policy
- #11423 `d353dd1` [Policy] Several transaction standardness rules (jl2012)

### Mining
- #12756 `e802c22` [config] Remove blockmaxsize option (jnewbery)

### Block and transaction handling
- #13199 `c71e535` Bugfix: ensure consistency of m_failed_blocks after reconsiderblock (sdaftuar)
- #13023 `bb79aaf` Fix some concurrency issues in ActivateBestChain() (skeees)

### P2P protocol and network code
- #12626 `f60e84d` Limit the number of IPs addrman learns from each DNS seeder (EthanHeilman)

### Wallet
- #13265 `5d8de76` Exit SyncMetaData if there are no transactions to sync (laanwj)
- #13030 `5ff571e` Fix zapwallettxes/multiwallet interaction. (jnewbery)

### GUI
- #12999 `1720eb3` Show the Window when double clicking the taskbar icon (ken2812221)
- #12650 `f118a7a` Fix issue: "default port not shown correctly in settings dialog" (251Labs)
- #13251 `ea487f9` Rephrase Bech32 checkbox texts, and enable it with legacy address default (fanquake)

### Build system
- #12474 `b0f692f` Allow depends system to support armv7l (hkjn)
- #12585 `72a3290` depends: Switch to downloading expat from GitHub (fanquake)
- #12648 `46ca8f3` test: Update trusted git root (MarcoFalke)
- #11995 `686cb86` depends: Fix Qt build with Xcode 9 (fanquake)
- #12636 `845838c` backport: #11995 Fix Qt build with Xcode 9 (fanquake)
- #12946 `e055bc0` depends: Fix Qt build with XCode 9.3 (fanquake)
- #12998 `7847b92` Default to defining endian-conversion DECLs in compat w/o config (TheBlueMatt)

### Tests and QA
- #12447 `01f931b` Add missing signal.h header (laanwj)
- #12545 `1286f3e` Use wait_until to ensure ping goes out (Empact)
- #12804 `4bdb0ce` Fix intermittent failure. (jnewbery)
- #12553 `0e98f96` Prefer wait_until over polling with time.sleep (Empact)
- #12486 `cfebd40` Round target fee to 8 decimals in assert_fee_amount (kallewoof)
- #12843 `df38b13` Test starting bitcoind with -h and -version (jnewbery)
- #12475 `41c29f6` Fix python TypeError in (MarcoFalke)
- #12638 `0a76ed2` Cache only chain and wallet for regtest datadir (MarcoFalke)
- #12902 `7460945` Handle potential cookie race when starting node (sdaftuar)
- #12904 `6c26df0` Ensure bitcoind processes are cleaned up when tests end (sdaftuar)
- #13049 `9ea62a3` Backports (MarcoFalke)
- #13201 `b8aacd6` Handle disconnect_node race (sdaftuar)

### Miscellaneous
- #12518 `a17fecf` Bump leveldb subtree (MarcoFalke)
- #12442 `f3b8d85` devtools: Exclude patches from lint-whitespace (MarcoFalke)
- #12988 `acdf433` Hold cs_main while calling UpdatedBlockTip() signal (skeees)
- #12985 `0684cf9` Windows: Avoid launching as admin when NSIS installer ends. (JeremyRand)

### Documentation
- #12637 `60086dd` backport: #12556 fix version typo in getpeerinfo RPC call help (fanquake)
- #13184 `4087dd0` RPC Docs: `gettxout*`: clarify bestblock and unspent counts (harding)
- #13246 `6de7543` Bump to Ubuntu Bionic 18.04 in (ken2812221)
- #12556 `e730b82` Fix version typo in getpeerinfo RPC call help (tamasblummer)