Attention! Scam!

Attention! Scam!

On the editorial email of BitNews, the requests for "We received a letter from the address" [email protected] "- they asked to send them (a lot) money, promise to place (any) advertising. Tell me, is this a scam or not? "We answer: Yes. This is a scam .
No relation to the editorial office of any other address than that advertised on the page "About Us" , as well as people sending out "commercial offers" on the subject to transfer some money to their BTC-address, and promising heavenly cottages, milk rivers in the crochet shores and the sky in diamonds in one bottle - that is, placing anything (immediately after payment) on the site - scammers .
Here is an example of an active scamer currently collecting funds under the mask of BeatNews:

Specifically, this scamer, apparently, a very young man who at school stably has a deuce in English, and who does not have the money to hire an interpreter - sends out scam suggestions from the address [email protected]
Here is another example of an attempted fraud from the same address, kindly sent to us by the recipients of the scam:

The editorial office asks to be vigilant and to the left addresses, it is not clear to anyone who lives such a valuable resource as bitkoyn - do not give away. Conversely, if you received a letter of happiness from someone else, please contact the editorial office at editor [at] bitnovosti [dot] com.

Yours faithfully,