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TW 1000 OROX Giveaway (3 winners)

TW 1000 OROX Giveaway (2 winners)

FB 500 OROX Giveaway (3 winners)
Hello everyone!

We are from Cointorox - Digital Piggy-bank Powered by Cryptocurrencies.

As part of the Cointorox Ecosystem, we have launched a token exchange in an effort to bring better trading environment and BTC paired markets for Ethereum based tokens. The exchange is fully functional and we are currently looking for great projects to list.

We do charge a listing fee of $100 for withdrawal fees of users.

However, you may be eligible for a completely FREE LISTING if you meet at least 2 of the criteria(s) below:

1. Your project's token sale has ended more than a year ago
2. Your project's community (telegram + twitter combined) has over 3,000 members
3. Your project has been endorsed by the developers of Ethereum
4. Your project has been featured on Coindesk or Cointelegraph (no press release)

All tokens listed will be paired with BTC.

Cointorox Token Exchange features 0% trading fees.

Visit cointorox.com for more info or simply leave a reply here if you have any questions!